“If you want to attract female talent into gamedev you need games made by women for women” Interview with Nika Bender, Live Service Producer at Dice.

“When I grew up, I realized I was a gamer my whole life”

— We know that you studied in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and then all of a sudden you went to Sweden. Why so? What happened?

Nika in the Star Stable office

“There is a lot of money in live service games”

— From your experience what challenges will the MMO market have in 2020 with all the games becoming live service? It’s harder and harder I think for MMO games to have their own place.

“I think things will change once we have more and more girls gaming”

— Let’s get back to Star Stable. From my perspective, Star Stable is doing a great job engaging girls. What do you think we should do as an industry to attract more women to game development and gaming in general?

“It is difficult to cater to both 8-year-old and 18-year-old gamers”

— You’ve worked on monetization for a long time. How do you monetize a game where you have to work with a younger audience that can’t legally pay?

Star Stable office

“Once you go down crazy cat lady road, you just need more”

— What professional media do you read to keep updated on the innovations within the industry?

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