“Never skip LQA. That’s a bad idea.” Interview with Maria Lesk, Localization Director at Daedalic Entertainment

“There is a person answering questions from players”

— When did you first got interested in games?

That’s Maria’s workplace, starring beloved Anna Conda, a Kinder egg snake with a record-breaking length
The Daedalic ensemble, acting all serious

“The base language needs to be perfect”

— How did you take up the post of localization director?

— That was in 2016 I think, when the localization manager before me switched the departments in the company and then he just suggested that I take up on that. Basically, I organize and manage the entire localization work for all Daedalic projects including our inhouse projects and titles for publishing from external developers.

Daedalic business cards feature drawn faces of the employees
Maria at Gamescom 2019, meeting with their translator Maxi Lange

“Once you launch a game the sales are the most important thing”

— How does Daedalic choose languages for localization? Do you analyze similar projects or do you have a set of languages like EFIGS plus Asian and that’s it?

At Daedalic they take good care of platypuses
Daedalic booth at the 2019 Pax West
With Brazilian tandem partner, Bianca; Maria participated in an all-female gamedev exchange program, organized by the Goethe Institute Sao Paulo



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Pavel Tokarev

Pavel Tokarev

Founder of INLINGO Gamedev Outsourcing Studio